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What is inbound marketing and why is it so important for your business?



We now enjoy and rejoice in the fact that we can consume content without ads. Whether we're streaming our favourite show on Netflix or listening to a great band on Spotify, we avoid advertisements at all costs because most advertisements are distracting, if not downright irritating. This is why TV, radio and print ads are all types of advertising that are referred to as interruptive or outbound marketing. Outbound marketing attempts to ‘buy’ your attention in order to generate a sale. It can come in the form of unsolicited texts and emails, print flyers, billboards and telemarketing. Luckily, marketers have been forced to get creative because of changing technologies, and the consumer's ability and choice to avoid ads (hello adblockers). There is now a more innovative and interesting way to go about generating leads – especially for small businesses. A marketing method that not only works but engages with consumers in an enjoyable and engaging way. We call it inbound marketing.


What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a term coined by HubSpot. Essentially, inbound marketing is a way of enabling your company to get found by potential customers. It's a way to work smarter with your marketing budget and attract the right customers for your business. Whether your company is big or small, inbound marketing is proven to be 10x more effective than outbound marketing for increasing website traffic and sales.


Sounds good, so how does it work?

Inbound marketing is a calculated mix of website optimization, content creation, search engine optimization, email marketing, lead generation, and social media marketing in a way that makes your prospects happy. At Method+Marketing, we tailor our method to meet the needs of your business needs and objectives. Inbound marketing is all about naturally attracting customers and prospects through providing interesting and quality content. Inbound content educates, informs and engages directly with your target customers. You do this by creating content that answers customers' basic questions and needs, and then distributing that content in places where readers and potential customers will find it informative and helpful. Method+Marketing's inbound marketing campaigns build awareness about your company and generate quality leads. Once someone reads and engages with your content, we will have designed your website to convert them into a lead through the use of clever lead generation tactics such as forms, calls-to-action and email marketing. Then you close the sale.


How does inbound marketing convert to a sale?

Once we've attracted the right visitors and converted the right leads, we need to turn them into customers. We do this by aligning some very awesome and amazing marketing tools with your company's sales and customer service team. First, we will help set up a customer database for your sales team so you can keep track of all the contacts, companies, and deals in your pipeline. We can also analyse this data later to learn more about your customers' needs. We then couple this with personalised and automated email campaigns based on where your prospects are in the sales journey. Emails will include useful and relevant content that build trust, and help prospects become more comfortable and ready to make a purchase.

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Then what?

Rinse+Repeat. Once a sale is made, we don't stop there. Inbound marketing is all about creating happy customers. We do this by constantly reviewing our marketing method by analysing the data. We then use what we learned to optimise our method to meet your sales goals, and your exceed your customer's expectations. We want your customers to become advocates for your business. We continue to engage with them and encourage them to either make a repeat purchase, connect on social media, refer your business to a friend, or perhaps even write a great review!


The best part?

Inbound marketing is more affordable. Inbound marketing demands an understanding of your customers wants, challenges and desires. Understanding their psychology means your time is efficiently invested in developing a marketing strategy that is tactful and targeted. The money you are spending on a low-efficiency outbound/sales team could be divided into your inbound efforts. Rather than hiring in-house marketing teams and dozens of sales reps, invest in a fraction of the work force, and create twice the productivity through inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is measurable. Inbound marketing enables us to set smart business goals and ensure they are being met. We can set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals. This transparency and access to data means we can stay focused and constantly adjust if need be. We can track the results from each piece of the inbound marketing mix and tie them back to customers, leads and sales for an understanding of your overall ROI and growth. Want to learn more? Check out our inbound packages or contact us for a chat.

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