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NSW Government Announces $3,000 Small Business Grant

Australian SMEs

The grant, which became available on 1 July, can help businesses fund marketing, communications, advertising and digital solutions (for example, e-commerce or business websites).


Marketing in a COVID-19 World

think strategically

We are living in troubling times. What's happening to our well-being and our economy is one for the history books. As we watch countless industries shut down and friends and family get stood down from their jobs, it’s hard to focus on securing prosperity into the future. But as Glenn Turner once


COVID-19 and your business

Dear Valued Clients and Suppliers As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase throughout Australia and government advice discourages face-to-face contact, many communities will and have been impacted, including your businesses. Here at Method+Marketing, we are committed to ensuring continuity of


Grow Your Brand: How to Diversify Through Brand Extension

branding, growth

Have you been busy brainstorming ways to grow your brand and generate new revenue streams?


Recent Brand Launches

brand strategy, branding

We love a good brand project as it’s an opportunity for us to get deep into an audience’s mind and develop a strategy and visual that mirrors their thoughts, feelings, and desires. With these two projects, we truly go to sink our teeth. Our branding process always involves a thorough customer


Social Media Management: Outsource or In-House?

Social media marketing can be overwhelming, it requires special attention and a level of creativity. Frankly, it isn’t for everyone.


Online reviews: why they are important and how to manage them

SEO, customer experience

In today’s digital age, the business landscape is more competitive than ever. As such, establishing a strong online presence and reputation is essential in attracting new customers and differentiating from your competitors. Consumers are increasingly relying on online resources to aid in purchasing


How Secret Shopping can Transform your Customer Experience

customer experience, Secret Shopping

“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” - Seth Godin


Growth hacking with customer journey optimisation

Customer Conversion, Customer journey, customer journey mapping

When businesses are looking for growth, it’s natural to look outside of your business to the market for solutions, such as getting new customers, etc. But looking inside your business can yield potentially far better results for the long term.